Witness Relocation

Tashmadada and QTC present NYC's Witness Relocation workshop


Witness Relocation combines dance and theatre with the energy of a rock show, exploding contemporary culture into intensely physical, outrageous, poetic, and sometimes brutal performances in order to question the assumptions of the modern day experience.

Contemporary European performance

“Soldiers on the front line of contemporary performance” - Real Time Arts, Australia
"A dance-theatre anarchists utopia" - Performing Arts Journal

Witness Relocation formed in 2000 and is led by director/choreographer Dan Safer.
The company is ensemble based and makes shows ranging from fully scripted plays to original, devised dance/theater pieces to many things in between.

Tashmadada partnered with ACAPTA (Sydney workshop) and QTC (Brisbane workshop) to bring the company to Australia to run workshops:

The workshops ran for two weeks culminating in a public performance. 

I thought the  workshop was an amazing success and it is something we should all feel proud of and thrilled about.             Dan Safer - Artistic Director Witness Relocation
I feel very priviledged to have been involved in 2 of 'Tashmadada's' Projects -'Andante' Melbourne, and 'Witness Relocation'. Both Projects were fantastic experiences - not only because of  the calibre of performance practitioners that Tashmadada is able to attract to Australia, but also in the amazing participants that were selected to be a part of the Projects and subsequent performances. Some exciting connections have evolved and the ideas generated are still resonating in my ongoing creative work. Congratulations to Tashmadada for providing and continuing to provide outstanding, inspiring and extremely well organised Projects! I am also looking forward to continuing to collaborate as an aerial trainer/choreographer on Tashmadada's performance project - 'KaBooM' currently in development..                                   Kathryn Niesche - Aerial trainer/freelance performer


A raw, immersive, highly physical and visual site-specific performance piece that investigates cultural memory and war.

Cordelia, Mein Kind

A duet for film and live body;
a personal exploration of a present-day Cordelia-like character revealed through language, physicality, image and film.

Director's Cut

An ir/regular gathering and
an evening ofSubversion, creation, performance, ingestion, desire, adulation, laughter and especially “imbibing".

Searchlight Festival

Searchlight Festival was launched in February 2009. Due to demand and its success, it ran, with an expanded program, for a second year in 2010.