The Andante Project

A friction between setting, audience and performers


Andante project, led by Spanish artist Younes Bachir, stems from Bachir's fourteen years experience of working with the legendary Spanish company La Fura dels Baus (1995 - 2009). Bachir has created a workshop program that is a succesfull transference of those theatrical skills to international performance makers - which is the workshop labelled Andante. Younes has been instrumental in the development of the language that has been named and known in the performance world as the "Fura Language" - a language that the company employs to make their shows. This is a codified construct, a constant dialogue and friction between setting, audience and performers leading to a style of performance that has made this celebrated Spanish company famous worldwide.

Contemporary European performance

In the workshop/working process, Younes combines this language with an investigation of contemporary European performance. He then adapts the work to suit the particular environment and the individual participants. The Andante project exposes participating artists to this unique working methodology, and allows audiences to experience the excitement, vibrancy, danger and cultural aesthetic of their performances while incorporating local performers and a local perspective.
The workshop/working process offers a couple of weeks of training and creation in which participant artists will learn the different performance, dramatic, plastic and spatial skills that are involved in the realisation of a theatrical performance as a Total Performance.
The structure and main purpose of the workshop is the development of a unique performance that will be presented to the audience on the final day..

Australian festivals

Taking Bachir's experience as an actor and collaborator in different shows of Fura dels Baus (1995-2009) , creations with physical, operatic and macro registers (Manes, Fausto 3.0, Naunmaquia, Matria, Sub, Orfeo ) the workshop is an investigation based on this creative method.
The first Australian Andante workshop was presented by Tashmadada in Melbourne in November 2009 at Shed 4, Docklands - with partners ACAPTA and Open Channel.
It exceeded expectations, bringing together seventeen diverse arts practitioners with skills ranging from theater, circus,dance, rigging, multi-media and music. The final sold-out performance/presentation attracted an eclectic audience of Victorian theater practitioners, academics, critics and the general public. In 2011 the Andante workshop/working process was in Sydney (Underbelly festival) and in Darwin as part
of Darwin Festival.

Workshop and performance at:
• Shed 4 Docklands, Melbourne
• Underbelly festival, Cuckatoo Island, Sydney
• Darwin Festival

Please contact for workshop.


A raw, immersive, highly physical and visual site-specific performance piece that investigates cultural memory and war.

Cordelia, Mein Kind

A duet for film and live body;
a personal exploration of a present-day Cordelia-like character revealed through language, physicality, image and film.

Director's Cut

An ir/regular gathering and
an evening of Subversion, creation, performance, ingestion, desire, adulation, laughter and especially “imbibing".

Searchlight Festival

Searchlight Festival was launched in February 2009. Due to demand and its success, it ran, with an expanded program, for
a second year in 2010.