Memory and War - based on interviews with ex soldiers

KaBooM: Stories From Distant Frontlines

What happens when we are unwillingly thrust into the frontline of war? It can happen to anyone, anywhere. Our lives irrevocably and unpredictably changed in an instant. And what remains within us when we have escaped the warzone?

KaBooM is a physical performance event – its subject is War.

NEWS: KaBooM: Stories From Distant Frontlines will be presented as part of the 2015 Alice Desert Festival in Alice Springs. The piece will feature an Alice Springs story that has been made in collaboration with local artists. 
The local artists are: Kaye Pedersen, Katelnd Griffin, Karine Tremblay and Arrernte writer/performer Sylvia Purrurle Neal. The local story is called "Sylvia Parts 1 and 2".
Last year, TIME OUT MELBOURNE gave the show a 4 star suggesting that " it deserves a wider audience". And this is exactly what is now happening!
SYNOPSIS: KaBooM: Stories From Distant Frontlines is based on real stories of soldiers  who have fought on the frontline. Australians who fled to this country to escape conflict and build new lives. The tale of Fabrice - a child soldier from Burundi, who hid in lakes to escape machete wielding hordes; the tale of Majid, who deserted after fighting for 10 years in Saddam Hussein’s army; the tale of Ivor, who, as a 16 year old escaped the Holocaust to fight for his family in the Pacific Islands along with a guardian monkey.
Each of the 7 tales serves as a basis for 7 leading independent theatre directors to create a theatrical response.  They use the body of one female performer and an arsenal of contemporary theatrical weapons - projections, aerial work, pulsing sound track from Bigtoxic  - and elements – mud, water, tomatoes, hay – to create a series of interlocking performance vignettes.

Like a contemporary Scheherazade this performer functions as the central storyteller. She also adds an original feminine perspective to the tales of  “Men at War “ by assuming complimentary and companion roles in the story telling   - the war widow reading a last letter from the heat of battle; the absent lover; the daughter brought up with the ghosts of war constantly hovering in the background.

positions the audience, as witness, into the midst of the performance arena. They are placed in a metaphorical field of war, populated with visual imagery and the debris of battle. Spectators are led to discrete performance areas. There is no fourth wall - the sense of involvement and engagement is direct.

is both deeply personal and universal – as you read these words there is a war going on in several corners of the globe.  This event takes fragments from humanity’s long and tragic involvement with global conflict and reduces them to the underlying human experience  - stories of  the real lives of ordinary people plunged into extraordinary circumstances.

The waves created by the “BooM” in KaBooM are sonic, emotional, psychological and physical; they all coalesce in this one unique theatrical event.

KaBooM: Stories From Distant Frontlines

Residency at Bundanon (NSW)
Culturelab Development at the Meat Market (Arts House) Melbourne
'Undone' as part of Arts House program (Read the article in The Age newspaper)
Artist in Residence Kinitiras Studio (Athens, Greece)
Season at fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne

KaBooM Team

Deborah Leiser-Moore – Concept/performer
Derek Ives - Rigger
Big Toxic - Composer
Gina Gascoigne - Lighting Designer
Tim Parish - Videographer (Fablice)
Marcos Vinals Bassols - set design (Fablice)
Catherine Niesche – Aerial direction
Richard Moore - voice (Richard)

Directors/Creators of Individual Pieces based on the Interviews

Regina Heilmann
Younes Bachir (Barcelona)
Adriano Cortese
Bagryana Popov (Bulgarian/Australain)
Gail Kelly
Lech Mackiewicz (Poland)
Susie Dee

(a huge thanks):
Rosemary Forbes and Ian Hocking, Vivien and Philip Brass, Tashmadada

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