The Dead Twin

Re-imagining the horror genre as a site-specific performance

The Dead Twin

Presented at:

2017: George Town Festival, Penang, Malaysia. 

2015: FLIGHT Festival at Footscray Community Arts Centre in collaboration with FCAC, Theatre Works and VCA 

The past comes back…enter the horror…

Steve is a young man with a bright future. When he meets Lola, he develops the ability to contact his long dead twin, who died during war. Steve’s parents have a pact not to talk about the twin, but each of them dreams of encountering him.

The Dead Twin re-imagines the horror genre as an immersive, cyclical, site-specific performance.

In producing the work, Chi Vu has put together an ensemble that comprises some of Australia’s most exciting artists and performers including Deborah Leiser-Moore, Alex Pinder, Jacques Soddell, Naomi Ota, Davina Wright, Harry Tseng and Daniel Han.

Director Deborah Leiser-Moore
Writer and Producer Chi Vu
Visual Artist Naomi Ota
Sound Designer Jacques Soddell
Costume Designer Ross de WInter
Performers Deborah Leiser-Moore, Alex Pinder, Harry Tseng, John Mac Desengano/Daniel Han and Davina Wright

DURATION: Approx. 90 minutes

WARNING: Full-frontal nudity, adult concepts, coarse language, smoke, loud music and flour is used in the performance. This performance is promenade theatre, so the audience moves around throughout the performance. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

About Chi Vu
Chi Vu is a Vietnamese-born writer, director and performer. Her plays include the critically acclaimed and widely studied ‘Vietnam: a Psychic Guide.’ Her prose works have appeared in various publications, including ‘Growing Up Asian in Australia’ and the ‘Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature’ (also published as ‘The Literature of Australia’). Chi’s novella ‘Anguli Ma’ was shortlisted in the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.

The Dead Twin is a site-specific performance in the mode of horror. This immersive, cyclical, cult-ish piece follows Steve, a young man with a bright future. He is floating, listless, sometimes detached from reality. He and his parents keep a pact not to talk about Steve’s twin, who died during war. Each family member dreams of encountering the dead twin. The past comes back and wants you to re-enter the horror….

This performance uses the uncanny to depict the inherited trauma of war. It is influenced by Marianne Hirsch’s concept of postmemory, which “describes the relationship of the second generation to powerful, often traumatic, experiences that preceded their births but that were nevertheless transmitted to them so deeply as to seem to constitute memories in their own right.” The Dead Twin evokes the terror of being haunted by those we left behind.


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