The Procrastination Project

My evil genius Procrastination has whispered
me to tarry 'til a more convenient season

Research and development - 2015

The project has undergone two short developments in Melbourne (Substation) and New York. 

An experimental outcome of this development is programmed for La Mama Melbourne’s ‘Explorations’ season in December 2015. 

My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry 'til a more convenient season.
Mary Todd Lincoln

‘The Procrastination Project’ is a dynamic and embodied re-imagining of the world of ‘Hamlet’ – perhaps the greatest procrastinator of all time -  by performance-makers Deborah Leiser-Moore and Kate Hunter.

That’s if they ever get around to it.

‘The Procrastination Project’ is a hybrid performance/installation/durational event in which two women caught in a bizarre holding pattern, and hamstrung by incessant and repeated physical rituals, are poised on the threshold of action or inaction - of going or staying, speaking or being silent, acting or not acting.

‘The Procrastination Project’ is a rich, playful and profound investigation into what it is to be stuck, and the role that habit plays in keeping us swamped in inertia. Inspired by the metaphysical landscape of Hamlet’s indecision as he grapples with his desire for revenge, this new collaboration interrogates some of the complex manifestations of procrastination in contemporary life.

‘The Procrastination Project’ draws on a vast array of interconnected source material, including cognitive neuroscience, to-do lists, personal stories of dead fathers, physical repetitions and rituals, and digital and analogue sounds, urban field recordings, vocal tics, and metronomes.

Hamlet’, a play about action versus inaction, is the perfect framework for this piece. Our research and development, prompted by essential themes of Hamlet, uses chapters to explore:
- The science of procrastination
- The nature of revenge
- Hamlet’s Kaddish (prayer for the dead)
- Contemporary activism
- The Purgatorial State.


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Searchlight Festival

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a second year in 2010.