Who we are

Challenging the old in creating the new

Why Tashmadada

tashmad  ‘destruction’
dada 'anything is possible' - (the movement of artists from the turn of the 20th century involved in random ordering of the artistic palate).

Challenging the old in creating the new
Good theatre always moves through a zero point, where movement stills, thoughts abate, images darken - where the creative spirit dies. Artists learn not to panic, but to carry on, to create. Inwardly the artist knows the importance of the zero. It has been caused by and it causes the act of pure creation. The idea of zero implies a rendition, a beginning.
So our definition involves the concept from Jewish mysticism that destruction (Tashmad), the shattering of a whole, can be the inspiration for the ultimate act of creation. From this empty space theatre can make something from nothing.

Why?  Contemporary arts has the power to stimulate critical thinking in the wider community. Because theatre and the arts can articulate the multiplicity of voices and cultural traditions. Because the multiple languages of performance can reach people on a deep and visceral level.

But, in order to create new relevant works and maintain a ‘healthy’ performing arts culture we require:

• resources and opportunities to allow works to reach their full potential;

• collaborations with other artists (national and International)

• an environment in which artists can share their knowledge and experience;

In this way the artists can be inspired and motivated to create bold and meaningful new works that are positioned on the global theatrical map. 

"If I wish to substitute a new building for an old one, I must demolish before I construct."
Theodore Herzl


Tashmadada Inc Board:

Deborah Leiser-Moore, Richard Zimmermann, Richard Moore, Kate Hunter, Leah Kaminsky, Susie Ivany, Mary Mahoney  

Tashmadada Aims to

Create a Company which engages in contemporary arts practices. This includes both creating new works as well as working with existing texts in an original and innovative manner;

Collaborate with artists from different artforms – eg visual artists, writers, etc. By doing this, Tashmadada aims to become a creative centre for practitioners;

Engage with the wider Australian theatre landscape.* Develop works that appeal to a greater audience – both for national international for touring;

Tell the ‘human story’
ie make work that deals with the Human Condition - relating the universality of the experiences and thus not ‘Ghettoising’ it;

Challenge theatrical form and practice;

Perform new theatrical pieces, programs of short works, cabaret evenings,
forums and  workshops.

In developing Tashmadada we acknowledge that artists come from many different backgrounds, but believe that if there is one theme that unites them, it is the notion
of the 'other'. This innately apposite term speaks to the Jewish diaspora as it speaks to the refugee as it speaks to the artist. We are all the sum of our individual experiences.

Tashmadada in action

Tashmadada has collaborated with a number of organisations to produce a variety of work. Click here to view.

Deborah Leiser-Moore

Deborah Leiser-Moore has been working in physical contemporary theatre since 1989. Her devised solo and collaborative works include Cordelia and range of others...

Leah Kaminsky

Leah Kaminsky is an Australian physician and writer. She was the Eleanor Dark Flagship Fellow for Fiction in 2007, writer-in-residence at the Shaindy Rudoff Graduate School of Creative Writing...

Richard Zimmerman

Richard Zimmermann is a former actor, spent several years in New Zealand and Australia producing shows, managing bands and nurturing and promoting talented local artists...

Tashmadada in action

Tashmadada has collaborated with a number of organisations to produce: Andante - workshop and presentation / performance with Younes Bachir...