Richard Moore


Richard Moore

Richard Moore has extensive experience in the film and television industries as a

festival artistic director, a curator , an executive producer and documentary film maker.

Richard is well known to film audiences for his time as Executive Director and head programmer of the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF ) between 2006 -2010 . During his tenure he introduced a co-financing market, 37 South, and a new film investment fund- the MIFF Premiere fund. Programming was dynamic and included the introduction of a new youth section, Next Gen, tributes to Joe Dante, George Romero, Anna Karina, Australian Ozploitation and the championing of the documentary. During Richard’s time at the helm MIFF witnessed four consecutive years of box office, audience and membership growth and a memorable stoush with the Chinese government.

As a festival director and head programmer Richard also invigorated the Brisbane International Film Festival, (2010 – 2012) via new partnerships with international festivals including Cannes Critics Week and Fantastic Fest at Austin, Texas, and the commissioning of original programming including tributes to the Australian surf movie and the Spaghetti Western

As a programmer Richard is active with a variety of film projects including recently introducing the Hot Docs franchise into the Australian market in partnership with Palace Films . He was film curator for the Melbourne Arts Festival for 3 years where he initiated a new film series called Art Matters (2012) and a tribute to John Landis (2013) with John Landis in attendance.

 Prior to film festival world Richard was the Executive Producer of TV Arts at ABC TV (1999-2004) where he was responsible for the editorial direction and delivery of the arts output on the ABC’s television platform. From 1990-1999 Richard was an independent documentary producer; directing and producing arts documentaries, including Art From the Heart?, Butoh : Piercing the Mask and Charles Blackman : Dreams and Shadows ( “ the best arts documentary I’ve seen “ - Clive James ) Richard was also SBS TV Series Producer of the weekly magazine programme Imagine in 1995/96 and worked as a producer for the indigenous magazine program, ICAM.

Richard obtained a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts from the University of NSW.  He has also lectured in several arts related fields at universities across Australia.

He has been awarded accolades for his cultural endeavours including a special award for contribution to Australian culture for the arts discussion program, Critical Mass, from the Australian National University, Centre for Humanities in 2003 and in partnership with the Melbourne International Film Festival, the Voltaire award, for his stance on independent and free speech against Chinese interference during the 2009 film festival.    

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