Coming up in 2015

Coming up in 2015
Tashmadada is having a review of its activities. That's not to say we don't have any plans or projects for 2015. In August 13th-22nd 'The Dead Twin' by Chi Vu, directed by Deborah Leiser-Moore, is being performed as part of Theatre Works: Festival of New Writing. It is a partnership with Footscray Community Arts Centre. 
Also look out for a re-mount/re-imagining of KaBooM, Stories From Distant Frontlines - renamed as 'The Isle of Shutters' and extended into a more site specific and duration installation performance event. 
And two new works in development. One is with collaborator Kate Hunter and is called 'The Procrastination Project'. The other is a solo live art/installation piece that is an extension of a work made by Deborah Leiser-Moore in New York as part of Richard Schechner's new promenade performance 'Imagining O'. Deborah is extending this into a longer durational work called (working title), "My Body, My Country".

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