The Present Performer/Andante Method: A Total Performance Making Workshop at FCAC


Belgian artist Younes Bachir joins FCAC Artist-in-residence Deborah Leiser-Moore to expose participants to their unique performance-making methodologies. This four-day intensive masterclass gives participants an experience of making work that is full of excitement, vibrancy, danger and strong theatrical presence.

Deborah focuses on the performer who is capital P ‘Present’. The work is physical and builds focus, concentration and commitment. Special attention is paid to create awareness of the lower body and its relationship to the floor. Voice and text are interwoven into the training. Deborah draws on her extensive training in a range of performance methodologies from Asian and European traditions.

Younes Bachir’s Andante Method stems from his 14 years working with the Spanish company La Fura dels Baus, combined with his experience as a theatre and film actor. It exposes the participants to his unique methodology, offering participants unconventional performance, text, storytelling and spatial skills for a theatrical experience full of excitement, vibrancy and danger – Total Performance.

WHEN: Tuesday 28 March – Friday 31 March, 10am – 4pm
VENUE: Performance Space
COST: $250   Limited Numbers 


Presented by FCAC in association with Tashmadada.

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