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Lee Breuer Masterclass


Tashmadada and Monash University Academy of Performing Arts invite theatre practitioners - Performers, Directors, Writers, Designers and Puppeteers - to participate in a Masterclass with Master of Theatre, Lee Breuer and Obie award winning actress, Maude Mitchell.

Lee is a founder and co-artistic director of the seminal experimental New York theatre company Mabou Mines; Maude is an associate artist at Mabou Mines, and an award-winning actress. Lee and Maude have been creating work and teaching together internationally for a decade and a half including conducting workshops in: Moscow, Athens, Cairo, Paris, Seoul, New Delhi, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, and Edinburgh. Over the course of the week participants will have the rare opportunity to engage in:

- Direct mentorship on a creative project of your choice (be prepared to show at least ten minutes of a piece you would like to explore or continue to explore.)

- Intimate discussions with Lee and Maude about directing, acting, writing and creating new work, allowing for first-hand insight into their working processes.

- Engage in talks and view footage of Lee and Maude’s work including historic footage of early productions at Mabou Mines, as well as recent pieces and current work.

The Masterclass is open to 20 theatre practitioners nationally.

Dates: 21st - 27th July 2014
Venue: Monash University, Clayton, Melbourne
Cost: $800
Applications: Deborah

Richard Schechner Masterclass

Brisbane Powerhouse  and Tashmadada invited theatre practitoners to spend four days with the Master of Theatre Richard Schechner.

Richard Schechner Four Day Intensive Masterclass
Presented in association with Tashmadada.

A unique opportunity to learn from the founder of the renowned experimental troupe
The Performance Group now known as The Wooster Group. Join fellow artists from the Australian and Asia Pacific region in this workshop where you will learn the Rasaboxes technique ( direct from its creator. In this rare occasion Richard will also offer a series of lectures and conversations focusing on his extensive knowledge of anthropology, sociology, religious ritual and folklore as well as a multicultural approach to creating work.

Date: Thur 21 -Sun 24th Feb 2013
Venue: Stores Studio Brisbane Powerhouse
COST: $770 inclusive of all World Theatre Festival performances from
Thursday 21st - Sunday February 24th

Richard Schechner and Robyn Archer in conversation in Brisbane

Applications have closed and the Masterclass is full.. more details soon

To enquire about the workshop or to fill out an application form contact Deborah Leiser-Moore at This professional development is available
for up to 20 people with candidates chosen based on suitability and availability.
Join Richard In Conversation for a free special intimate discussion on Sun 24 Feb.

What is Rasaboxes?
Rasaboxes offers performers a concrete physical tool to access, express, and manage their feelings/emotions within the context of performance. Useful as performer training, rasaboxes also has many other applications in various fields including (but not limited to) therapy, business, and education. Basically, rasaboxes trains participants to physically express eight key emotions first identified in the Natyasastra, a Sanskrit text dealing with theatre, dance, and music. Read more.

MWF Workshop with Lee Gutkind

"Godfather behind creative nonfiction" (Vanity Fair)

True Stories, Well Told: A Creative Nonfiction day.
Lee Gutkind starts with a talk called: "You Can't Make Stuff Up." This talk includes
history, current popularity, definition, etc." A real survey from top to bottom of the
genre. It is also the title of his new book, which will be available by then, published by De
Capo Press
. Throughout that day he will conduct workshops, which will further define and explain creative nonfiction. "Immersion" is one topic. "The Shape of the Essay" another. Finally, at some high point, perhaps in the evening, the winners of the Creative
Nonfiction special Australia issue edition competition will be announced — and the
special edition will be launched. The winners will read from their work.

What is Creative Nonfiction?
Creative nonfiction stories are dramatic, true stories that use scene, dialogue and close,
detailed descriptions--techniques usually employed by poets and fiction writers--to examine and explore a variety of subjects: politics, economics, sports, race relations, family relations, the arts and sciences and more. Creative nonfiction heightens the whole concept and idea of essay writing. It allows a writer to employ the diligence of a reporter, the shifting voices and viewpoints of a novelist, the refined wordplay of a poet and the analytical modes of the essayist.

What is Creative Nonfiction?
Writing Competition
"Creative Nonfiction Australia" or "Oz and U.S."
1. Australian writers submit for a chance to be one of 5 writers published in the
esteemed international Creative Non Fiction publication.
2. International writers are asked to submit an essay about Australia
3. Two cash prizes of $1500 will be awarded -- one to the best essay about Australia
and the other specifically to the best essay by an Australian writer.
4. One or two high profile Australian writers will be commissioned to submit for the
5. Lee Gutkind and Leah Kaminsky (US and Australian) will be in charge of editorial.

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Previous forums

Tom Keneally and Ari Roth - State Library
Tashmadada organised a forum with renowned Australian author, Thomas Keneally (The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, Schindler’s Ark) and international playwright and Artistic Director of Washington DCs Theatre J, Ari Roth, at Melbourne's (Australia), State Library of Victoria, on Thursday 5 July 2007. Moderated by author and Associate Professor Mark Baker, who runs a Program in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Monash University, Melbourne, the forum discussed the themes and issues arising from Keneallys provocative new play, Either Or, which had its world-premiere at Theatre J earlier this year. The play is based on the real events of Kurt Gerstein, an evangelical Christian youth leader and SS officer who dared to attempt sabotage by alerting the West (even approaching the Pope) to what was transpiring under Nazi occupation.
The animated and insightful forum raised thought provoking questions concerning the value of writing from the perspective of the perpetrator as opposed to the victim, the uniqueness of detailed testimony coming from ground zero - being the gas chambers of Auschwitz, the banality of evil, the role of theatre or entertainment in portraying the tragedy of the Shoah. Not only was it a unique and stimulating event, but the occasion also marked the first initiative of Tashmadada, a newly formed Contemporary Performance Company that is committed to bringing together artists, as well as providing a forum for discussion about the arts. Tashmadada Director, Deborah Leiser-Moore says she wants the Company to be a centre for discussion and engagement in arts practice - using theatre and the arts to articulate the multiplicity of voices and cultural traditions.

Masterclass - Glenfern
On Friday 6 July 2007, following closely on the heels of the successful forum, Thomas Keneally and Ari Roth, participated in an inspirational and informative Masterclass with an intimate group of practitioners, addressing the issue of Novel versus Script writing. The two recently worked closely in collaboration on Keneallys newest script Either Or: Some gems from the day:
Tom Keneally: Don't get it right, get it written. Writing is a great way of finding out things that you didn't know you knew. There are little people in the depths of your subconscious who will data check.

Ari Roth: You embrace it all - you've got to - the light and the dark. After first reading Either Or, I emailed Keneally to express my admiration, but also pointed to certain story-telling challenges I thought needed to be addressed.

Yvonne Fein: The only rules are that here are no rules.

Alex Skovron:  I want to hear the music in my poetry.
The Masterclass brought together a group of highly experienced and diverse range of people - novelists, playwrights, performance makers, script writers and journalists.
The three-hour session, led by Roth and Keneally, gave insights to their own working processes. The discussion then opened to the participants who all gave a short background to their own work and were able to get invaluable feedback from both
Tom and Ari.