Tashmadada is a contemporary performance company committed to bringing together arts practitioners as well as providing a forum for discussion about the arts

Challenging the old, creating the new

By creating new works as well as working with existing texts in an original and innovative manner, Tashmadada encourages the collaboration between artists from different artforms - eg theatre practitioners, visual artists, writers, composers etc. Tashmadada aims to be a centre for discussion and engagement in arts practice - using theatre and the arts to articulate the multiplicity of voices and cultural traditions. Tashmadada nurtures and develops collaborations - both on a national and international level.

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Stories From Distant Frontlines

7 stories - 7 directors - 1 performer. KaBooM is based on real stories of soldiers who have fought on the frontlines in global conflicts.

A new physical performance event - its subject is war...

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Tashmadada wishes everyone Happy Holidays and all the best for 2014.

We have a full program of performances, events and opportunities coming up. Subscribe to our newsletter for all the news. In the meantime click below....

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